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From time to time, it's very important to remember friends who are gone. Tomorrow will be our turn. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We may die at any time. It only depends on the will of Allah the Exalted. Today, I have decided to talk about a friend who passed in 1999. He was called SEYDOU HABADERE. May Allah The Almighty welcome him in his highest paradise. I pay a tribute to a great man. He was so generous and sociable. We were three friends back to our teens. The odlest was Seydou as he was friendly called. The second was El Hadji Doudou Ndiaye who now lives in Philadelphia, inThe States, a wonderful man who has remained the same person,  and I was the youngest. I learned a lot from those two men, specially from Seydou. I still remember  the day we went fishing behind the harbour's lighthouse. We didn't catch any fish. The funniest was that Seydou lost one of his shoes. He forced us El Hadji and me to walk till Our neighbourhood, Fass. We were barefoot. We had a lot of fun on our way back home. I Could write the tribute in French, but I chose to do it in English because you loved so much this language. you used to watch CNN at home. At that period, I didn't understand a single word. However you used to encourage me to keep on watching it. You told me that I could be able to understand everything in a short time. And to speak like a native speaker. I couldn't believe it. I thought that you were pulling out my legs. I really thought it was impossible. When you passed away in 1999, I burst into tears. I kept on crying days and days. And I still cry when I think about you. Thanks to you, English as become my favourite language. I have become a legal interpreter and  translator. I'll never forget you, brother Seydou. Rest in peace.

May Allah the Exalted reward you paradise.




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