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All work is noble

Posté par: Aboubacar guèye| Lundi 18 décembre, 2017 21:12  | Consulté 1412 fois  |  0 Réactions  |   

Senegal, a Western African country, is a French speaking country. However they are fond of English. That language is becoming more and more popular.  Dakar is its capital. Senegal is a crossroads. Its population is increasing and it’s very young. Over fifty percent of the population is under twenty five years. The majority of young people are unemployed. That's why they try whatever they can to immigrate to countries, such as The United States of America, Germany, Japan.They even risk their lives to go to Spain by means of traditional boats under very difficult conditions.  they think that those countries would offer them far better opportunities and a bright future. Nowadays the new destination is South America, especially Brazil and Argentina. Many die on the way. But they say that there’s no alternative. They prefer to die rather than staying useless. They don’t take any initiatives. They expect everything from the government. They are ashamed to be fed by their parents instead of helping them. They can’t stand that situation any more. However there are some men and women who are very brave and hardworking. For example, there is a man who can be considered like a role model. He is a great example for young people. He sets up a small business in partnership with one of his friend. They make home juice and sell it in the congested and popular streets of Dakar. They earn a decent living with such business. He's a breadwinner. I believe he is a real role model. One occupation is as good as another.

God bless Senegal

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