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Mr. Leon Patrice Sarr, One of the youngest and most talented lawyers of his generation, “In souls nobly born, valour does not depend upon age”

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Mr. Leon Patrice Sarr is a young Senegalese lawyer. He is the current treasurer of the Senegalese young lawyers Association. He is 32 years old. But He still looks like a teenager. However, He is a brilliant lawyer, one of the best in Africa, in general, and in Senegal, in particular. If you are looking for a bright lawyer, just meet Mr. Patrice Leon Sarr. You won’t be deceived. He does the job properly. I have known him since his beginnings. He does a lot of Pro Bono as well. He is a philanthropist. He is the right man in the right place. Mr. Sarr speaks English fluently. He is a real role model. Young people can learn a lot from him.

In this interview, He talks about his career, his family life and the importance to adapt oneself in a such changing world with the globalization.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Sarr.


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