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Two young men appeared in court charged with possession and circulation of counterfeit banknotes

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Two young men appeared in court . They were charged with possession and circulation of counterfeit banknotes. The first named Moussa Lam was born in Central Africa. His father is from Senegal and his mother is an central African. They fled that country because of the war. The whole family left and lost everything behind them. The second defendant is from Sierra Leone. He is called Ibrahim Jalloh. Both are friends. They knew each other in Senegal. Moussa Lam is married and is the father of a kid. He is a breadwinner. But he couldn't make ends meet.

So he decided to sell one of his cellphones, a Galaxy s4. He asked his friend Ibrahim Jalloh if he could find him a customer because he didn't know the country wery well. Jalloh met a friend of his who was interested. They reached an agreement. The cellphone was sold 900 Us dollars. The customer paid in dollars. He said that he only had dollars in his possession because he planned to travel soon.afterwards the two friends decided to convert the dollars into Xof ( Cfa). They went together to Hlm market, one of the most popular markets in Dakar. Moussa Lam has an uncle who is a businessman. He's got a store in that market. However he didn't work that day. Nevertheless they decided to see someone else for the exchange. Unluckily they came across an old man who had been swindled once. He lost 9000 dollars in that fraud. By touching the bills, he found out they were fake. The two friends were surprised by that information. Jalloh tried to join in vain the customer of the cellphone. the old man took them to the police station. Then they were referred to the court. The prosecution argued that they should be convicted and sentenced to three months.
Finally they have been released.

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